spike knot

spike knot, splay knot

An elongated knot; the result of cutting wood approximately parallel to the length of the knot.
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Short film Spike Knot will be broadcast on the internet next month and aims to use a glossy film to promote information about drinking.
Writer Meredydd Barker, who penned Sgript Cymru's final production Acqua Nero, came on board with the film and created three different scenarios which form the basis of Spike Knot.
The study featured 25 moulded Lumber samples using five different types of character wood, including: large and small bark pockets, grain variation, spike knots and a figure known as punky knots.
Intergrown knots, partially intergrown knots, loose knots/holes, spike knots, bark pockets/blemishes, resin pockets, needle flecks, and wane were classified as separate defect categories.
The incidence of spike knots and resin pockets was impossible to predict using tree characteristics included in the analysis.
These defects affect much of the width of the board and, in the case of spike knots and cross-grain, can cause structural failures in the piece as it goes through subsequent machining operations such as the moulder.
It is more difficult to evaluate spike knots and fuzzy grain when flow through the marker station is fast paced.
Spike knots and multiple knot clusters, including the distorted grain around the knots, also should be removed at the crosscut saw.
Boards with spike knots, knot clusters, large face knots, clustered worm or pin holes, decay zones and crook are suited for the crosscut-first saw.