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An altered basalt containing albitized feldspar accompanied by low-temperature, hydrous crystallization products such as chlorite, calcite, and epidote.



a paleotypal basaltic rock in which feldspar is represented by secondary albite. Spilites form as the result of underwater eruptions. Spilites have a microlithic or, less frquently, diabasic structure and consist of long, narrow microlites of albitized plagioclase with chlorite and ore minerals filling the spaces between the microlites. Together with keratophyres, spilites make up spilite-keratophyre formations of the geosynclinal stage of development of the mobile belts of the earth’s crust.

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* From the western part of Sierra de los Placeres to the northwestern part of Sierra de Campo Nuevo the San Hipolito consists of serpentinites, microgabbros, spilitic pillow lavas, ophicalcites, radiolarites, with minor interbedded tuffs and claystones.
Accordingly, varying degrees of mobility for some major elements are apparent as is indicated on the alkali diagram, where many samples plot outside the igneous spectrum in the spilitic field (Fig.
Hemant Merchant (72, Casagrande, Little Gibbs Rd., Behind Hanging Gardens, Bombay-400 006, India) had about 10 giant specimens of a new Indian habit of calcite, these specimens found in November-December 2002 during excavation for a new water tunnel between Pathanwadi and Kurar, Bombay-Malad (recall that this area was supposedly finished for specimens, urban sprawl having put an end to nearly all quarrying of the spilitic basalts around Bombay).
Since these puffballs occur only in the spilitic basalts around Bombay, and since the Pathanwadi is the last major quarry still working in the metropolitan area, this may be the last significant new find of okenite that we will see.