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Brit a game in which players try to pick each spillikin from a heap without moving any of the others



a collection of very small toy objects (plates, ladders, hats, sticks, and others). The game of spillikins consists of removing one toy after another from a pile of toys with a special hook without touching or scattering the remaining objects. In the figurative sense, to play at spillikins means to be occupied with trivialities.

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Is there any need to link Etienne's surname, Jonchet, with |jonchets', the game of spillikins, just because he delivers logs?
In much the same way, we learn that the teakettle in the hearth belonged to Kate Greenaway, while the nearby display case contains (among other things) a hand-plane mislaid on the premises by a seventeenth-century carpenter; spillikins, fish counters and letters used in games with no connection to Austen, other than the fact that she would have known what they are; silver-tipped bottles that belonged to her niece Mary Jane and a box that was Fanny's.