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(civil engineering)
A passage in or about a dam or other hydraulic structure for escape of surplus water.
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a hydraulic structure for the discharge of excess (flood) water from a reservoir and for the useful release of water into tailwater. A spillway may have openings: surface openings on the crest of a dam, openings sunk below the level of the headwater, other types of deep openings, or two kinds of openings, as in a two-stage spillway. The flow of water is regulated by locks. Some automatic spillways (for example, those working by means of siphons or shafts) are not equipped with locks. Spillways that are built in the bypass of concrete and earthen dams are called coastal spillways.

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A month ago, on 23rd June three friends of Bheera were taking bath in the spillway of the Khanpur Lake and entered into the deep water where they drowned and one of them identified as Saeed lost his life while the two others were rescued by the locals and police where after the incident Khanpur police started an operation against the violator of the ban and arrested 12 persons those were taking swimming in the Khanpur Lake spillway and registered cases under section 188.
The Corps is working with a national team to reduce the risks associated with the spillway. The agency is implementing interim risk-reduction measures.
Margarita Junia, the spillway bridge was built at a cost of P1.9 million.
The additional spillway will enhance the flood water discharge capacity of the dam.
A dam official said a spillway gate opened by half meter releases water at the rate of 65 cubic meters per second.
'The company had declared that it would open the spillway at 5pm on Wednesday, but as of 3pm on Thursday, it hadn't done so.
The spillway controls the flow of water from Butterley reservoir, ensuring it does not overtop, damage or erode the embankment and cause flooding.
In this paper, the stepped spillways of [theta] = 120[degrees] and [theta] = 180[degrees] are named as V-shaped and traditional stepped spillway, respectively (shown in Figure 1).
The spillway work, which begins next month and runs into September, is part of a continuing effort by the corps to strengthen the spillway gates equipped on the network of dams it manages in the Willamette Valley.
One of the greatest snook fishermen to wage war from a spillway is tackle retailer, collector and author Tom Greene.
Keywords: Shaft spillway, Discharge coefficient, Submergence, flow pattern
In the above equations, Q is the discharge passing through the spillway, C spillway discharge coefficient, L the length of spillway crest, H the water level on the spillway and R the radius of spillway crest [4].