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(civil engineering)
A passage in or about a dam or other hydraulic structure for escape of surplus water.



a hydraulic structure for the discharge of excess (flood) water from a reservoir and for the useful release of water into tailwater. A spillway may have openings: surface openings on the crest of a dam, openings sunk below the level of the headwater, other types of deep openings, or two kinds of openings, as in a two-stage spillway. The flow of water is regulated by locks. Some automatic spillways (for example, those working by means of siphons or shafts) are not equipped with locks. Spillways that are built in the bypass of concrete and earthen dams are called coastal spillways.

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The spillway controls the flow of water from Butterley reservoir, ensuring it does not overtop, damage or erode the embankment and cause flooding.
The gates open and release water down a spillway when the water level behind the dams gets too high.
The P290-million Spillway 3 was built after several portions of the San Fernando-Santo Tomas-Minalin Tail Dike breached in August 2012.
One of the greatest snook fishermen to wage war from a spillway is tackle retailer, collector and author Tom Greene.
Shaft spillway is a spillway composed of a circular crest that directs the flow to an inclined or vertical axis, which is connected to a low gradient tunnel.
Connecting the basin reservoir to the spillway reservoir is done by a field-tee on which two valves were used to adjust the inlet discharge.
25 inches of rain from Irene and that brought the reservoir level up about 8 inches, but still below spillway level.
It merits mentioning here that a protest was held on June 18 and 19 in Tehsil Gojal and Ali Abad demanding the spillway to be widened.
This can happen if the exposed bed of upstream portion of the spillway consists only of boulders or huge stones.
He said the water could take another few days to channel out of the spillway.
including siphoning off water to reduce the spillway flow.
2, the flood control managers met to discuss the idea and concluded that adding a water supply conduit under or adjacent to the planned spillway structure would result in "unacceptable delays and cost increases," according to a recently released Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency report.