spinal tap

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spinal tap:

see spinal puncturespinal puncture,
surgical penetration of the spinal canal by a hollow needle introduced between two of the lumbar vertebrae. The arrangement permits injection of antibiotics or anesthetics (see anesthesia) as well as dyes to facilitate X-ray studies.
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'This Is Spinal Tap' continues to have legs beyond its 1984 theatrical release
Guest's breakthrough film, "This Is Spinal Tap," was only a modest success at the box office.
The child may be started on antibiotics before the results of the spinal tap are available.
Doe bravely picked up the pedestrian pace into the bend out of the back straight with 4f to run and was rewarded by hanging on in a three-way photo with Spinal Tap and Medieval Maiden.
For example, Lombreglia borrows Gunther's successful screenplay idea--"bars scenes, motorcycle scenes, dressing room scenes, rehearsal scenes, groupie love scenes, and the monster victory-concert scene at the end" (330)--from Rob Reiner's 1984 mock "rockumentary" This is Spinal Tap.[6] Lombreglia takes his all-important underwater scene directly from Mike Nichols's 1967 film The Graduate.
--Although a relatively small number of physicians find themselves actually treating bacterial meningitis, oftentimes they must rule out the disease, which means making the difficult decision of whether to perform a spinal tap.
Ash frontman Tim Wheeler is also teaming up with Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins and Har Mar Superstar for a Spinal Tap type side project called White Slave.
The suit alleges that the emergency room medical staff at Sacred Heart was negligent for failing to properly diagnose her symptoms until it was too late; failing to do a spinal tap to test her spinal fluid, which would have told them that she had the potentially fatal condition, until it was too late; failing to prescribe antibiotics until she'd been at the hospital for nine hours; and failing to consult specialists.
Using This Is Spinal Tap and Bob Roberts as their models, the two actor-writers enlisted Oscar winner--and former acting classmate--Mira Sorvino as producer and actor-director Griffin Dunne as director.
What editors Jeremy Braddock and Stephen Hock have assembled is a cultural studies book that splits the differance between your typical academic compendium and its self-conscious parody, merging the deadly serious (this is from the University of Minnesota Press, after all) with the quasi irreverent (the era of High Deconstruction being over, acolytes of its textual fetishism now move into their mock-u-retical Spinal Tap phase).
The faux documentary has been done before, from the really great (This Is Spinal Tap) to the ones I would regard as really bad (The Blair Witch Project).
And I couldn't help overhearing it when he began to botch my spinal tap. "No, no--too slow!" said the attending surgeon, as the resident sucked out my spinal fluid with a syringe, then stuck another needle between the vertebrae at the base of my spine and shot me full of Novocain.