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(2012) obtained similar evidence of cue synergism by showing that corpse burial by termites (Pseudacanthotermes spiniger) was elicited by material treated with conspecific body extract or a combination of chemicals found in the extract, but not when these chemicals were tested individually.
For instance, the longest cecropin-like peptide stomoxyn, from the stable fly Stomoxyns calcitrans and spinigerin from the fungus growing termite Pseudacanthotermes spiniger were reported to be not induced by microbial infection but constitutively present in the secretion of female reproductive glands, in the anterior midgut and in the hemocytes [29].
Type Species: Labus spiniger de Saussure, 1867, by subsequent designation of Bingham, 1897, Fauna Brit.
The major arthropod parasites causing severe clinical infestations in canines include fleas (Ctenocephalides canis, Ctenocephalides felis felis), lice (Trichodectes canis, Linognathus setosus, Heterodoxus spiniger), mosquitoes (Aedes, Culex), flies (sand fly, Stomoxys, Haematobia) ticks (Rhipicephalus, Ixodes, Amblyomma, Haemaphysalis, Dermacentor) and mites (Demodex canis, Sarcoptes scabiei canis).
TABLA I ABUNDANCIA, RIQUEZA Y DIVERSIDAD DE LAS ESPECIES DE COLEOPTEROS SCARABAEOIDEA EN DOS ESTACIONES UBICADAS EN EL CENTRO DE ITALIA, DURANTE DOS PERIODOS DE MUESTREO SEPARADOS POR OCHO ANOS Especie Ca' Cecilia Ca' Cecilia Ca' Battistelli 2001-2002 2010 2001-2002 Geotrupes spiniger 2 0 2 (Marsham, 1802) Sericotrupes niger 21 7 4 (Marsham, 1802) Bubas bison (Lineo, 35 1 8 1767) Euoniticellus fulvus 0 4 6 (Goeze, 1777) Onthophagus (s.
spiniger are most abundant in the geographic area where Icelinus borealis is found (Matarese et al., 1989).
Vibratory alarm signals in two sympatric higher termite species: Pseudacanthotermes spiniger and P.
Median neurosetae are paleae with blade serrate and one homogomph spiniger with short blade and one heterogomph falciger with a ventrally projected distal tooth, fused to the blade.