spiraea tomentosa

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Pink flower fingers form an upward steeple. Leaves soft and light golden colored on underside. Both leaves and flowers used for bowel problems and stopping bleeding.
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Agrimonia parviflora Sol.: P40063 Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Ell.: P39463 Fragaria virginiana Duchesne: P39470 Geum canadense Jacq.: P39795 Geum laciniatum Murr.: P39804 Malus ioensis (Wood) Britt.: P39481 * Malus pumila Mill.: P39466 * Potentilla norvegica L.: P41787 Potentilla simplex Michx.: P41198 Prunus serotina Ehrh.: P40142 Rosa carolina L.: P42176 * Rosa multifolia Thunb.: P42117 Rosa palustris Marsh.: P39754 Rubus allegheniensis Porter: P41843 Rubus flagellaris Willd.: P41841 Rubus hispidus L.: P41780 Rubus occidentalis L.: P41767 Spiraea alba DuRoi: P39781 Spiraea tomentosa L.: P40094
stolonifera, Ilex verticillata, Salix candida, Spiraea tomentosa, and Vaccinium corymbosum are infrequent locally.
On the way he contended with suspicious Umpqua Indians, a broken rib, and plants whose hostility, he noted with botanical precision: "My feet tonight are very painful and my toes cut with the burned stumps of a strong species of Arundo and Spiraea tomentosa." His reward was to be the first European to view a sugar pine: "this most beautiful and immensely large tree," he noted in his journal.