spiral column

barley-sugar column

(Brit.) A spiral column.
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(Turin: Einaudi, 2015) advances new readings for several images-within-images in the Upper Church, notably the spiral column reliefs in the Liberation of Peter the Heretic scene.
Rome, May 31 (ANI): Workmen inside Florence's courthouse have stumbled across a spiral column and hundreds of multicoloured fragments that experts believe may have belonged to a Roman temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.
As the robber parts travel up the spiral column, cool air or water reduces the temperature of the parts and prevents them from sticking together.
3D Concrete Printers are not restricted to creating objects based on straight forms, MudBots notes, as they can output spiral columns and posts, along with a vast array of designs featuring contoured walls.
Malate is unique among old Luzon churches because of its elaborate retablo-inspired faCade, with its spiral columns and arches and relief carvings of religious symbols such as the sacred heart of the Augustinians, who originally built the church.
The accommodation covers two ?oors and begins with a solid wood front door with lunette fanlight above, opening into a reception hall with a panelled bay window, a carved wood .replace with spiral columns and granite hearth, and ornate oak staircase.
Beginning with his early manipulation of amorphous materials, as in Camere d'aria (Inner Tubes), 1991, for which the artist turned the work's namesake materials into spiral columns, helmets, totems, and vases, Canevari's work is rooted in the concept of the readymade and in a solid belief in the concreteness of art.
Based on the vision of Dimensions Engineering Consultants (DEC), it was designed with stuccoed walls, tiled roofs, rustic arches, solid wrought iron balcony grills, carved doors, ornamental spiral columns, marble flooring and thematic and floral patterns, he explained.
The baldacchino with its spiral columns, another of Bernini's brilliant inventions, framed him in perspective and seemed to move together with him.
Standing boldly right at the sidewalk line and thus helping to define the streetscape, the building offers its main entrance to the passer-by in a most friendly manner, allowing a glimpse of the sleek lobby beyond the trademark spiral columns.
They include Gothic arches, acanthus leaf squares, Italian tabernacle designs, and intricate Louis XIV Provincial and Gothic arches with spiral columns, among others.