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see froghopperfroghopper
or spittlebug,
small, hopping insect of the order Homoptera. The adult, under 1-2 in. (1.2 cm) long in most species, is triangular in shape and usually gray or dull green to brown. Most froghoppers feed on plants and shrubs; a few feed on trees.
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It is interesting to learn that the unsightly mess is caused by a bug with the most appropriate name of spittlebug.
fargeii prey virtually exclusively upon the spittlebug Philaenus spumarius (Hemipt.
I show some of the children spittlebugs hiding in a fortress of foam and these children become spittlebug guides for their classmates.
It lives in the xylem vessels of a startlingly large number of plants, and when sharpshooter and spittlebug insects feed on the sap from the plants, they carry the bacteria from plant to plant.
When a young spittlebug nymph finds a suitable host plant, it inserts its mouthparts and begins to draw sap.
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Nate gently disperses the jelly-bean--size foam pouf to reveal a half-inch green nymphal spittlebug.