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A PL/I interpreter with debugging features.

[Sammet 1969, p.600].

What does it mean when you dream about a splinter?

If we get a splinter in a dream, it can represent something that has caused us minor pain or irritation. Splinter is also a slang term relating to male sexuality. Additionally, splinter can embody the sense of separating, as in the expression “splinter group.”

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Put the small hole at the bottom of the syringe as best you can over the splinter.
Kabul [Afghanistan], June 14 ( ANI ): Five people were killed and four other wounded after a suicide car bomber targeted a group of fighters from the splinter Taliban group led by Mullah Abdul Rasoul in Gereshk district in Helmand, Afghanistan on Wednesday.
The trademark filing for what appears to be a new Splinter Cell game was spotted on the trademark listing website (https://trademarks.
Visiting surgical and orthopedic wards, the prime minister inquired after all police cadets who had suffered gunshots and splinter wounds,
Detailed examination of eye showed penetrating foreign body within the globe to be a wooden splinter at 6 o'clock position near the limbus.
While taking notice of differences within the party fold, he has also warned that if the splinter groups failed to sort out their differences within month's time, the existing setups and bodies will be dissolved to appoint new officebearers to run the party affairs in the district.
If the splinter is very small, use a magnifying glass to see how big it is and which direction it entered the skin.
In addition to "Simon's Splinter," Fant has published two novels.
BEIRUT: The Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS claimed responsibility for a truck bomb that killed at least 18 people in the central province of Homs, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday.
Our primary mission is to help grow the categories we are in," says James Splinter, the company's group vice president-grocery products.
Your aim is to remove the entire splinter, if possible, and to minimise the risk of infection.
Splinter, chairman and CEO of Applied Materials, Inc.