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A PL/I interpreter with debugging features.

[Sammet 1969, p.600].

What does it mean when you dream about a splinter?

If we get a splinter in a dream, it can represent something that has caused us minor pain or irritation. Splinter is also a slang term relating to male sexuality. Additionally, splinter can embody the sense of separating, as in the expression “splinter group.”

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They were nothing more than splintery pine slats sloppily nailed together and stuffed with padding, but they were mammoth, some approaching eight feet in height.
Some are splintery, risking perforated intestines and other internal injuries.
But the Thing, this spiny, splintery mass, trails our scream quartet and backs them into a convenience store.
The hemlock planks of the dock were hard and splintery and cold and Jim was heavy on her and he had hurt her.
The shales are brown to gray, sometimes iron strained hard and splintery.
When viewed at 87x, this splintery galaxy appears about 4' long.
The fracture of green coke occurs in such a way as to preserve the bubble walls, and the coke has a splintery or needle-like appearance.
One of Winchester's finest, a 115-grain Silvertip, slammed into the four-foot mirror on my wife's triple dresser, cracking a splintery hole in the silvered glass.
Teaching You To Swim recalls when McCartney wrote great song, Singer Wanted, Preferably Dead offers splintery crunched rock n roll harmonies as ELO meets Big Star while the title track wouldn't be out of place in a Broadway musical.
It's a far cry from those draughty British beach huts and splintery seats.