split block

split block, split-face block

A solid or hollow concrete masonry unit, split lengthwise after curing; laid with the fractured surface exposed, so as to provide a rough texture.
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Why Housed Units are a Better Choice for Mining Applications Spherical Roller Bearing-Housed Split Block Bearing-Housed Units Units Multiple sealing options for a For split-block bearings used in high level of contamination mining, most fail due to protection.
ASGCO's Retractable Razor-Back System with Split Block Spring-Shoc allows for safe access and service from outside the chute.
The innovative patent-pending design of ASGCO's Retractable Razor-Back System with Split Block Spring-Shoe allows for safe access and service from outside the chute.
Antique finish Split Block housing Facades, Wall Systems, Bridge beautification facades, Flower Wall Systems, etc.
To estimate population in precincts that have changed boundaries between 2008 and 2010, census populations that are in a split block are apportioned between precincts sharing those blocks based on proportions of the block's street length found in each precinct.
Variations on split plot and split block experiment designs.
The split block diagram of the test is given in table 1 (Zuperl & Cus, 2003).
Straight waveguide "grooves" are machined into both halves of the split block for each filter (in this case four).
A split block design with three replications was used for each trial.
A split block facade, concrete columns, slate-type roof with copper gutters, enlarged sidewalks covered by awnings, and covered out-door seating are among the improvements.
Carpentry services - removal of double doors inside entry and installation of pre-fab counter masonry services - fill in of 2 (4 LF x 2 LF) glass block windows and 4 (2 LF x 4 LF) vents with wall matching (beige) split blocks.
Many students insist that they can only accept an equivalent name for a fraction when the denominator of the fraction is equal to the number of split blocks and when the split blocks are interconnected (Behr, Wachsmuth, Post, & Lesh, 1984; Behr & Post, 1992).