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We can call these split pair isograms (SPIs for short) in which the letters in the first half of the word are repeated, in a different order, in the second half (HORSESHOER); and non-split pair isograms (NSPIs) in which this is not the case (APPEASES).
Titans split pair of baseball games against Penguins
Challengers split pair on road with Madison Barbers
Phillips hurls one-hitter to help Titans split pair
For copper cabling, using the RJ45 or M12 interfaces included with the NaviTEK IE kit, the tester displays the correct wiring colours for the protocol used, measures the cable length and determines where and what the cable fault is, including split pairs, opens, shorts and miswires.
Forense-Industrial uses features such as Wiremap, for miswires, split pairs, opens and shorts, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) detection and load testing.
( 'Big Brother Australia' Day 8 Recap: Split Pairs, $30K Prize and Elimination Twist
It doesn't mean I will always split pairs this tight, but it means it should be possible with good eyesight and excellent optics under a good sky.
The IENet PRO industrial ethernet cable tester can instantly verify the integrity of two-pair and four-pair industrial ethernet cables and assure proper terminations by detecting opens, shorts, miswires, reversals and split pairs in fractions of a second.
The director hints at drawing a connection between the scientific investigation of split pairs and the far-flung twin brothers themselves, but lets it drop in favor of cheeky comedy.
The tester measures cable length and aids in finding faults such as shorts, split pairs and opens.
A combination of Tone Generator and Tone Tracer can be used to identify an individual wire while LanRover tests wires for shorts, breaks, reversals and split pairs and displays the results on the main and remote unit.