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When working with a talking board, table tipping, rappings, or any of a number of the simpler methods of spirit communications, it is as well to appoint one of the sitters as “spokesperson.” If anyone has a question, they should give it to the spokesperson to ask. Different people asking different questions—with sometimes more than one trying to speak at the same time—can be very confusing even in everyday life. It is therefore a good idea to have just one person dealing with the spirit(s).


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He shrugged his shoulders and then repeated my question to the Mahar spokesman.
Having spent the past year getting to know the company and the people behind Southern LINC, I had no hesitation in continuing my relationship as the company's spokesman.
The army spokesman Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor disclosed this at a news conference in the military's headquarters in Rawalpindi.
WASHINGTON -- A US State Department spokesman said on Friday that F-16s fighter aircraft were the right platform to support Pakistan's counterterrorism efforts and US security assistance contributes to a stable region.
Added Jaime Court, spokesman for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica: ``I think this is a pretty outrageous salary increase, not only during these hard economic times but when legislators seem to be dodging hard decisions.
APPI), a company that utilizes whole plants through a proprietary (patent pending) manufacturing process to develop all natural dietary and health supplements, has announced that the services of veteran television personality and spokesman, Mr.
WASHINGTON -- Pakistan and the United States enjoy strong relationship and the two countries are working closely on many issues, including counterterrorism, a US State Department Spokesman said.
PESHAWAR -- Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said the Taliban were serious about peace talks.
Villaraigosa does not want rail projects stopped to pay for more buses, but his campaign spokesman could not say where the money should come from.
A spokesman for Lynch Interactive said: "We were required by law to respond to the allegations in the suit, which was filed under seal and remained secret for nearly a year.
As a peaceful nation, we believe in a dialogue with India which is result-oriented, sustainable, and not fragile-enough," the Foreign Office Spokesman said in a weekly press briefing.
ISLAMABAD -- Spokesman of Prime Minister's House has clarified the reports carried by a section of print and electronic media regarding postings and transfers by the caretaker government.