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When working with a talking board, table tipping, rappings, or any of a number of the simpler methods of spirit communications, it is as well to appoint one of the sitters as “spokesperson.” If anyone has a question, they should give it to the spokesperson to ask. Different people asking different questions—with sometimes more than one trying to speak at the same time—can be very confusing even in everyday life. It is therefore a good idea to have just one person dealing with the spirit(s).


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The spokespeople will take responsibility for a large range of issues from the national drugs strategy to food and horticulture.
The program includes training on the “Dos and Don't's” in an interview situation, mock interviews to prepare spokespeople for various media channels, insight into what drives reporters, and the use of videotaped practice interviews.
Spokespeople also noted that they are proud to have preserved wages, benefits and contractual protections for seniority and work done by outside contractors.
In the early days of the unrest, due to the inertia of the ministries (a topic discussed at length in these pages) in failing to provide regular spokespeople and the media-savvy tactics of the opposition, the opposition was better able to get its message out.
During the session titled EoACAyThe Official Foreign Spokespersons: An Expanding Role and Ambiguous Influence', Abdul Wahab Badrakhan, writer and political analyst, said that there was a disparity between Arab and foreign spokespeople.
Government spokespeople announced that the president would appear on television hours after the attack to dispel rumors that he had been killed.
Homsi asked support from Turkish government and said the opposition group was hoping to have meetings with Turkish officials after naming their spokespeople.
But it would be welcome if opposition spokespeople offered support for those working hard to make a difference rather than just criticism.
EB: The program is designed to provide communication and public relations professionals with tools to coach spokespeople to manage interviews and all question-and-answer exchanges with employees, customers, regulators, politicians or others, to produce win-win scenarios whenever possible.
Naylor, who is Canadian, said, "In the next three to five years, we will be focusing on how journalists, advocates and spokespeople for community action groups can overcome cultural and religious stereo-types and build peaceful communities.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met Sunday with some 50 spokespeople from the Foreign Ministry, the Israel Defense Forces, the Prime Minister's Office and other government agencies to instruct them on the principal messages that they should be delivering in appearances before the foreign media.
Frank Sciame has done an enormous amount of work and made an informative presentation to the Governor and Mayor this afternoon," spokespeople for the governor and the mayor wrote in a joint statement Friday.