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When working with a talking board, table tipping, rappings, or any of a number of the simpler methods of spirit communications, it is as well to appoint one of the sitters as “spokesperson.” If anyone has a question, they should give it to the spokesperson to ask. Different people asking different questions—with sometimes more than one trying to speak at the same time—can be very confusing even in everyday life. It is therefore a good idea to have just one person dealing with the spirit(s).


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The Punjab government has expanded its list of spokespersons this week, apparently to strengthen its team and effectively defend the party and the government's policies as per PTI slogan 'Naya Pakistan'.
"If NAB was independent, then Imran Khan, Fawad Chaudhry and Shahbaz Gill would not have been its spokespersons."
Thus, a favorite line among presidential spokespersons whenever a question or questions are asked during a media briefing or press conference in and out of the Palace is, "I will get back to you." This is the so-called safe answer to queries beyond the competence and jurisdiction of the presidential spokesperson.
He said Medialdea had a 'bad trip' when they talked because there had been 'no official announcement that there were spokespersons.'
of nineties and claims that peace is prevailing in the disputed region', a JKNF spokesperson said while talking to reporters here Wednesday.
After three BJP spokespersons appeared on various television channels discussing the farmers' agitation in Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, BJP's national media in- charge Anil Baluni pulled up the leaders and categorically told them from discussing such issues " without proper knowledge" of the subject.
Also, Quicho noted, "What is apparent is that Malacanang spokespersons who are supposed to speak only for the President are now also the spokespersons for Sec.
Both the countries also agreed that the two Spokespersons would coordinate public diplomacy messaging on key foreign policy issues of mutual interest and would also liaise on the sidelines of important international events.
"But there is no clear evidence that connects spokespersons from foreign governments to the declining viewership of foreign channels.
Dubai The role of a media spokesperson was the topic of debate during the morning session of the opening day of the Arab Media Forum (AMF) 2012.
At a meeting with media spokespersons of ministries and government departments, Al Sharif, who is also the Government spokesman, said the media spokesperson should corroborate a news item or statement with accurate information and through avoiding dubiety.
The Bar's Standing Committee on Advertising is recommending a change to a Bar advertising rule requiring that nonlawyer spokespersons in electronic ads identify themselves as nonlawyers.