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"She [the Queen] ignored me and her husband called me a sponger. It was a bit embarrassing.
The researchers say that the spongers belong almost exclusively to a single maternal lineage, although sponging doesn't follow any of the patterns that would be expected if it were genetically based.
The study also showed that sponger dolphins generally tended to be loners, as they would spend over 80 per cent of the time on their own or with one calf.
Lesley Robertson backed the parents and the judge, writing: "Too blooming right - what a sponger."
And the 31-year-old challenged critics who branded her a sponger to walk in her shoes before condemning her.
Soon there was widespread sniping that he was also a marital sponger with his Sainsbury's supermarket heiress wife Camilla bank-rolling his career and lifestyle.
The sponger has been calling up the Voice of an Angel late at night - begging her to meet him to kiss and make-up.
Dave Clarke Prince George Another sponger on the Civil List.
A source close to the couple said: "A row has been brewing for ages because Chris believes Amadu may be a sponger. He quizzed Billie on how much of the money was going on him.
On the royal baby Another sponger for your everincreasing taxes to pay for and, when they split, another single parent who won't have to live in the reality of being a lone parent.
But his court appearance, in case you missed it, was not the moment when a first-class sponger finally got his comeuppance.
And, although it wasn't his fault, he was made to feel like a sponger.