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Spoofs it would seem are time-sensitive - you have to be able to recall the original to get the joke.
I reckon Paddy and Keith's spoof was broad enough to appeal to DD virgins though - especially Paddy's superb head-shakin', beer-neckin' homage to Patrick Swayze.
In what could come as a huge setback for Samsung Electronics' flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5, a researcher has raised security concerns on the fingerprint scanner of the device, claiming that the sensor of the device can be hacked using a fingerprint spoof.
Existing Spoof Detection mechanisms are host-based and Router-based whose performance depends upon the network behavior and attack strength [1].
But the BNP said the logo had been used in retaliation to Marmite adverts featuring the spoof "Hate Party" - which the BNP claims is "clearly based" on them - and it was complaining about Unilever to the police, Electoral Commission, Independent Television Authority and Advertising Standards Authority.
Joiner Peter Paterson donned a Bogeystyle trenchcoat for the Casablanca spoof while teenage pipers made sure the Reservoir Dogs mob were dressed to kilt.
A foursome of orphans (played by Kal Penn, Adam Campbell, Jayma Mays and Faune Chambers) are assembled from spoofs of various films by obtaining Wonka-like golden tickets, but once they arrive at the Chocolate Factory, they find that the candy maker (Crispin Glover) is a homicidal maniac.
BBC radio presenter Jeremy Vine apologised on air yesterday after his show ran a spoof news item saying that Soham murderer Ian Huntley had been murdered in his prison cell.
THE STORY: The latest instalment in the movie spoof series sees sweet but staggeringly dim Cindy (Faris) and her sex-starved pal Brenda (Hall) join up with equally dumb dock worker Tom Ryan (Bierko) to try to save the world.
Blackspot represents a departure from the traditional tactic of logo-demystifying detournement exemplified by Adbusters' spoofs. Instead of exploding the symbolic power of brand imagery, Lasn hopes to substitute the "nuclear glow" of his own anti-logo, but this "glow," he avers, will be rooted in sincerely held beliefs and values rather than the "cynical mindfucks" of corporate marketers.
Besides being the ultimate spoof of the action adventure genre, the Road pictures are a parody of Hollywood itself.
That's certainly the hope of production execs rushing other teen spoofs into the market.