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(operating system, tool)
Software or hardware to which data is spooled and which processes that data (e.g. prints it) in the background.
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print spooler

Software that manages sending jobs to the printer. When an application prints a document, the formatted output is stored on disk, and the print spooler feeds the print images to the printer in the background at slower printing speeds. Storing the print jobs on disk allows multiple printing requests to be queued while the user continues printing from the same or other application without waiting for the current document to be printed. See spooling.


(Simultaneous Peripheral Operations OnLine) The overlapping of low-speed operations with normal processing. Spooling originated with mainframes in order to optimize slow operations such as reading cards and printing. Card input was read onto disk and printer output was stored on disk. In that way, the business data processing was performed at high speed, receiving input from disk and sending output to disk. Subsequently, spooling is used to buffer data for the printer as well as remote batch terminals. See print spooler.
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If you do succeed in destroying the files you meant to, the data they contained may still exist in more places on the drive, such as in the cache, backup or temporary files, a swap file, virtual memory, the print spooler, thumbnail versions of graphics, preview versions of print documents, temporary Internet browser directory, or in any number of alternative file views.
The RPM product line has been tested with mainframe products including CICS applications using NPF and IP PrintWay on MVS TCP/IP; AS/400; with Unix workstations including RedHat Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, SCO Unix, and freeBSD; on DEC VMS machines with MultiNet for OpenVMS, TCPware from Process Software, and UCX; and PC print clients including INTELLIscribe(R), Thomas Heil's Windows LPR Spooler and WinLPR, and the QVTNet LPR.
Font Accelerator increases printing performance of printer disk based fonts; while Spooling significantly increases return to application time by permitting users to download multiple jobs to the spooler's queue.
Oiling the machine [maintenance] Oiling the shuttle spooler [maintenance] Operating the treadle [operation] Setting the Needle [set-up] Threading the Shuttle [set-up] Threading the Needle [set-up] The Check-Spring Lever [problem-solving] Changing foot-bar pressure [set-up] Feed Motion [operation] Removing goods from the machine [operation] Tension of the Two Threads [problem-solving] The Driving Belt [problem-solving] Oil the machine if it runs hard [problem-solving] Hemming-Gauges [operation]
We had not thought to change the start-up command for WordPerfect in Dosshell, so the print spooler was not present, and we ended up with the file we wished to print sitting on the hard disk waiting for the print spooler to jump into action.
"The system's multi-tasking capability, combined with a print spooler feature, also speeds up the printing of reports.
* Print spooling softwareTo keep the user working on other projects while he waits for a document to print, buy him a print spooler, which stores the output on disk and lets the user manage the print queue, instead of the queue managing the user.
I will probably need to add 512K of RAM to my machine, as some of my spreadsheets are larger than 400K, and I have a 128K print spooler in extended memory I would like to continue using.
He told the High Court in Aberdeen Mikey had gone inside a giant spooler drum they were refurbishing to start painting it.