spot finishing

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A paint-film defect characterized by small circular or irregular areas having color or gloss different from that of the surrounding background.

spotting in, spot finishing

Repairing a small area on a dry painted surface by blending a fresh coat of paint with the dry coating.
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Rajinder Sachdeva and Steve Middleton narrowly missed out on the top spot finishing second on 32.8 net while Enver Salie and Helmut Franek made up the top three, finishing on 33 net.
All five picked up a share of the prize-money, with Modigliani, Little Firefly and Leopard Spot finishing third in the Coventry, Queen Mary and Chesham respectively.
If you're careful, you may be able to just strip off the soft areas and match the rest of the chair by spot finishing. Otherwise, if you just can't live with the problem, get ready to strip the chair and refinish.