spot level

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spot elevation

A point on a map or chart whose height above a specified reference datum is noted, usually by a marker and elevation value.
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Harland and Wolff now move to the top spot level with TOBERMORE UNITED.
The data acquisition system, currently under development by Matra, will use a 3.6-m tracking antenna to downlink data from the satellite in standard Spot level 1A format.
Cotterills Lane Club and Holy Gulp share top spot level on points and average, ahead of Devils Club.
The average breakeven cost for the recent projects, which will see Australia overtake Qatar as the world's biggest supplier of the super-chilled fuel, is $12.60 per mmBtu, a price well above the current spot level and also most long-term oil-linked contracts.
Offshore spot yuan traded at 6.3620 at midday, slightly weaker than the onshore spot level.
The research firm's base case forecast is for the three-month LME annual average price for copper to increase 5% to $2.96/lb in 2018 from $2.81/lb in 2017, and average $2.89/lb in 2019, as supply/demand fundamentals continue to suggest firmer prices than current spot levels.
Chairman IRSA Rao Irshad Ali Khan earlier physically checked several spot levels at the site.