spot level

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spot elevation

A point on a map or chart whose height above a specified reference datum is noted, usually by a marker and elevation value.
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DEAL MANAGEMENT AT SPOT LEVEL - As complexity increases, the need to micro-manage each unit in a multi-branded, multi-length deal becomes vital.
If at maturity the index has increased from its initial spot level of 100, the bearer is entitled to receive the principal amount of $10 plus a supplemental amount determined by multiplying the Index percentage gain by 115%.
If upon maturity the index has increased from its initial spot level of 100, the bearer is entitled to any percentage gain in the portfolio, multiplied by the principal amount of $10.
Tenders are invited for Surveying and Taking Spot levels at the proposed Punnai 110/11 KV SS
We continue to expect the (capesize) market to see positive catalysts in the coming weeks as iron ore prices for 4Q are finalized at discounts to current spot levels and vessels for October load begin to be booked," Dahlman Rose & Co said.
53/t and is in line with Vale's aim of lifting prices closer to current spot levels.
However, in our view, Norilsk may have built up some metal inventories in 1H09, when nickel and copper price were bottoming out at $9,374/ton and $3,054/ton; they have since recovered to the current spot levels of $18,735/ton for nickel and $6,258 for copper.
As for the current price outlook for gas, one worry is that forward prices for next winter are one-third higher than current spot levels.
Importers are facing tough decisions as they need to buy replacement stocks at prices well above current spot levels.
But the Bank of Thailand decided to buy the baht forward at prices well above market, almost at spot levels.
gas prices have begun to rebound, and futures prices are well above spot levels.
Going forward into 2010, Anadarko has significantly hedged most of its natural gas exposure and some of its liquids production at prices above current spot levels.