spot welding

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spot welding

[′spät ‚weld·iŋ]
Resistance welding in which fusion is localized in small circular areas; sometimes also accomplished by various arc-welding processes.

Spot welding

A resistance-welding process in which coalescence is produced by the flow of electric current through the resistance of metals held together under pressure. Usually the upper electrode moves and applies the clamping force. Pressure must be maintained at all times during the heating cycle to prevent flashing at the electrode faces. Electrodes are water-cooled and are made of copper alloys because pure copper is soft and deforms under pressure. The electric current flows through at least seven resistances connected in series for any one weld (see illustration). After the metals have been fused together, the electrodes usually remain in place sufficiently long to cool the weld. See Resistance welding

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This figure shows the effects of the material strength and shared or machined edge condition on the fracture behavior at the spot weld and the flange edge.
The 2D ultrasonic array as applied to spot weld testing is a new conception in ultrasonic testing [1-6].
Raise the rifle and, with elbows solidly anchored into the ground, achieve a comfortable spot weld.
8 and Fig 9 show that the shape of the spot weld is close to the actual shape obtained by the experiments (Fig.
As it is time for controlling the quality the spot weld has been fixed and apart from re-welding nothing can change its properties any more.
The ability to model a splitting seam is important because a midsize car is held together by about 5,000 spot welds, nearly 400 feet of adhesive joints, and numerous rivets, Sommer said.
It is mounted on one electrode arm / electrode outrigger and measures the strain of the electrode arms caused by the thermal voluminous expansion of the spot weld nugget while it is generated.
The next generation of lasers may be required to seam-weld materials by either continuous welds or by a series of spot welds.
It was made spot welds on non alloyed steel plates (figure 3) and copper plates, respectively, the contact electrodes were used to spot pressure brazing of cooper plates with usual brazing materials and other new materials amorphous type (figure 5) (Iovanas et al.
Whether it is being used in automotive manufacturing, POP displays or countless other assembly applications, Pres-Mount double-coated foam tape provides a secure, economical means for OEMs to mount and fasten materials, oftentimes eliminating the need for spot welds, screws and glue.
Solid 2-1/8" robotic welds provide more stability than the two spot welds used on round post systems.