spot welding

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spot welding

[′spät ‚weld·iŋ]
Resistance welding in which fusion is localized in small circular areas; sometimes also accomplished by various arc-welding processes.

Spot welding

A resistance-welding process in which coalescence is produced by the flow of electric current through the resistance of metals held together under pressure. Usually the upper electrode moves and applies the clamping force. Pressure must be maintained at all times during the heating cycle to prevent flashing at the electrode faces. Electrodes are water-cooled and are made of copper alloys because pure copper is soft and deforms under pressure. The electric current flows through at least seven resistances connected in series for any one weld (see illustration). After the metals have been fused together, the electrodes usually remain in place sufficiently long to cool the weld. See Resistance welding

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15x500 data was chosen for Arc welding machine, 15x500 for Inert-gas welding machine, 15x500 for Spot welding machine and 45x500 data in total for the input data of ANN model.
In this figure, the solid lines indicate the results of the tensile tests of the spot-welded specimens, and the dot lines indicate the results of the tensile tests of the base material without spot welding.
Taking this scenario into account, a relatively new technology, friction spot welding (FSpW) comes as an alternative to overcome these issues.
It can also improve the technical characteristics of the contact electrodes for resistance spot welding in the sense for increasing the hardness of active parts for increase their liferespectively reducing the intermediate processing times or them changing from the welding machine.
4 mm, spot welding method being used to join two components of equal thickness and with the electrodes having the same constructive parameters.
On the bright side, sales of robots for spot welding, arc welding, and dispensing and coating are increasing.
Hermann's non-contact/non-wear system is touch-free and wear-free, making this unique technology suitable for a wide variety of applications such as welding, including spot welding and seam welding, bonding multiple layers of different materials, laminating multilayer products, engraving or embossing labels or decorative elements and slitting, die cutting and perforating in both length and cross direction at high speeds.
2011, Or Latest Location Of Spot Welding As Per Drg.
Friction stir spot welding (FSSW) is a metal joining technique used to replace conventional joining processes such as riveting, resistance spot welding and fastening.
Other topics include high power laser characterization with beam diagnostics, the influence of aluminum content on grain refinement in magnesium alloys, degradation of steel welds in high-pressure hydrogen transmission pipeline, and ultrasonic spot welding of 301 stainless steel to aluminum 6061-T6.
As Ryba explains, the size of flanges necessary to weld door inners and outers is greatly reduced--by as much as 60%--if laser welding is used instead of spot welding.