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Khandani, "Decentralized Wireless Networks: Spread Spectrum Communications Revisited," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol.
This covers the characterization of signals and sequences, mathematical foundations, binary and nonbinary pseudo random sequences, generating signals, and applying pseudo random signal processing in spread spectrum communications, ranging and navigation systems, scrambling, automatic testing and system verification, cryptology and other applications such as optical fiber systems.
The 900 MHz ISM license-free units assure complete security, with frequency-hopping spread spectrum communications technology.
Detection of spread spectrum communications and radar emitters Locating spread spectrum emitters * Intercept of spread spectrum communications Jamming spread spectrum radars * Jamming spread spectrum communications
Also included are papers on echo cancellation, pseudonoise sequences, optimum receivers, forward error-correction coding, spread spectrum communications, diversity techniques, digital communications system performance and standards-setting bodies.
For this reason, the first extensive use of spread spectrum communications is found in military applications.
These applications include spread spectrum communications, as well as a general use substrate capable of performing tasks from DC power supply through IF amplification and microwave signal processing.
Spread spectrum communications results in efficient spectrum use.
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