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1. a flexible board, usually projecting low over the water, used for diving
2. a similar board used for gaining height or momentum in gymnastics
3. Austral and NZ a board inserted into the trunk of a tree at some height above the ground on which a lumberjack stands to chop down the tree



a flexible board used by athletes in various sports to take off in the execution of jumps.

The springboard used by divers measures 4.8–5 m in length and 0.5 m in width. It is usually made of specially shaped Duralumin alloys and has a rough surface, sometimes with a runner of coconut wood. The springboard may be 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7.5 m, or 10 m above the water.

The springboard or takeoff board used in gymnastics and acrobatics and for training in track and field is an inclined board with a solid base. The degree of elasticity of the board is controlled by the position of a wedge or spring fastened between the board and the base.

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