sprocket feed

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sprocket feed

(Or "tractor feed", "pin feed") A method some printers use to move paper by rotating wheels with pins or studs (tractors) that engage holes along the sides of the (usually fanfold) paper. A sprocket feed printer does not slip unless the paper jams, but cannot feed standard typing paper or work with a sheet feeder like friction feed.

Some paper for sprocket feed printers has the edge strips with the holes in detachable from the rest of the paper. These strips are known as chad (and other names).
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pin feed

A method for moving paper forms on a roll (continuous forms). Pins at both ends of a rotating platen or tractor engage the paper through pre-punched holes at both sides. See continuous forms.

Pin Feed Platen
This platen has pins on both ends that engage the continous forms. Pin feed platens and tractors are widely used on dot matrix printers. See tractor feed.
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