spruce pine

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eastern hemlock, hemlock spruce, spruce pine

Wood of a coniferous tree of eastern North America; moisture-resistant, soft, coarse, uneven-textured; splinters easily; inferior for use in construction.
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com), about a 20-minute drive from Spruce Pine, is a sprawling resort modeled after a Swiss ski lodge, with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
The Spruce Pine lost foam plant pours components for BRP s Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines, as well as assorted other BRP products and external customers in the marine, automotive, trucking, rail, construction and alternative energy industries.
Pegmatites of the Spruce Pine district are thought to have formed during a period of relatively high-grade metamorphism which would have destroyed any pumpellyite present at the time, hence these minerals probably formed during the cooling of the rocks.
Trying to contact Harold Kirby, Henredon Furniture's vice president of manufacturing, when he visits the Henredon Spruce Pine, N.
Unimin Quartz & Feldspar PO Box 588/Bakersville Rd Spruce Pine, NC 28777 800/243-9004
Located in western North Carolina in the town of Asheville, Mission is an integrated health care system composed of Mission Hospitals with 671 staffed beds located on two campuses and Spruce Pine Hospital, an 80-bed facility and other related entities.
The Spruce Pine facility, which totals approximately 280,000 square feet, was built by the Company in 1989.
When they moved into Spruce Pine, we went to a meeting called 'Surviving Wal-Mart' and then straightaway marched over to the store and asked to sell to them, thinking that the best way to survive them was to join them.
Located just off Route 226 in Spruce Pine, a few miles up the road from the Orchard at Altapass, they handcraft soaps from ingredients as diverse as palm oil, goat milk, homegrown lavender, and kudzu essence.
02 per diluted common share attributable to the closing of a Henredon case goods plant in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, as announced by Henredon in September.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today that Adam Waldrop, a sixth grader from Harris Middle School in Spruce Pine, North Carolina is the winner of the National Radon Action Month Poster Contest.
First Western Bank began operations in Burnsville and Spruce Pine in December of 1997.