sprung floor

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resilient floor

A wood floor, laid on battens, having the quality of springiness (e.g., a floor supported by spring clips); especially used as a dance floor, gymnasium floor, etc.
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Decades later, their daughter hit that same sprung floor on a Saturday night but this time the beat was more Duran Duran than Duke Ellington.
We hypothesized that maximum joint flexion angles would be less acute and maximum joint angular negative velocity would be slower for the hips, knees, or ankles when dancers perform saute on a low stiffness "sprung floor" compared to a hard floor of maple wood over concrete.
Caption: The 2,500 square foot studio has radiant floor-heat and a sprung floor.
We are currently trying to raise enough funds to purchase a sprung floor for our gymnasts to train on.
A new sprung floor would be expensive but the centre has the option to buy an ex-competition floor from the World Championships in Glasgow.
Welsh Gymnastics are pleased to announce that the competition will take place on a new Gymnova coil sprung floor, funded by Sports Wales.
The club is hoping to buy a new sprung floor and also extend their tumble track."
The sessions will include use of the world class gymnastics facility including foam pit, trampoline, sprung floor and tumble track and will be instructed by fully qualified high performance coaches from the club.
Typical investments might include a sprung floor that converts an unused hall into a local multi-sport facility, new changing rooms or floodlights which mean a facility can be used for many more hours of the day.
Our review of the literature, however, found only anecdotal evidence that a low stiffness dance surface (frequently called a "sprung floor") is important in helping to prevent dance injuries.
The sports hall has indoor cricket nets, climbing wall and a gymnasium with a sprung floor for fitness and dance classes.