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Comparison of artificial neural network and linear regression models for prediction of ring spun yarn properties.
Rieter R-40 was adjusted for100% cotton and used to spun yarn samples of three different linear densities with low twist of 550 tpm at a rotor speed of 90,000 rpm.For blended yarn samples after opening and cleaning the raw material at Uniflex (B-60) and MBO 3/3, mixed according to the required ratio i.e.
Therefore, instead of cotton fibers from the plants, use of spun yarn is a good option as reinforcing agent because of alignment of fibers and high degree of evenness which gives better tensile properties of the yarn and ultimately the composites.
Method 3 (two arrays with cupper hooks and tension rods) improves the second method by using the same hook system but also implementing several tensioning rods along the spun yarn (Figure 1(c)).
Based on data from the Industry Ministry the country has 204 companies operating in spinning industry , but most of them are small producers of spun yarns.
A report by China's Xinhua News Agency says that Nylon 66 is extensively used in injected plastic, spun yarn and material-texture improvement in electronics, electric appliance, military device, automotive, railroad ancillaries and textile sectors.
Key words: spun yarn, knitted fabric, properties, input tension force.
But to make a strong spun yarn, the cellulose fibers need to be at least 2 centimeters long.
The Jakarta-based subsidiary was established in 1972 for the production and sales of acrylic spun yarn and nylon filament in Indonesia.
"We thought that would be an opportunity for us to bring out some dobby threads on 200 count." In order to make these cotton rich goods easy to care for, Spartan used a ring spun yarn in a sateen weave, bringing the cotton to the surface of the fabric.
Among his collections of sea stories are Futility (1898), telling of a disaster resembling the sinking of the Titanic; Spun Yarn (1898); Shipmates (1901); Sinful Peck (1903); Down to the Sea (1905); Land Ho!