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a person employed by a state or institution to obtain secret information from rival countries, organizations, companies, etc.
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a settlement in Belgium, in Namur Province, near which the fragments of two Neanderthal skeletons were found in a cave in 1886 during archaeological excavations conducted by the Belgian scientists M. Lohest and M. de Puydt. Also found were the bones of a mammoth, a woolly rhinoceros, a cave hyena, and other animals of the Würm, as well as Mousterian stone weapons. On the basis of these finds it was possible for the first time to establish the period during which a specific type of Neanderthal man existed. The people from the Spy cave were characterized by a large brain (1,500–1,600 cc). Anthropologically, they were late Neanderthal men who lived in Western Europe 40,000–50,000 years ago.

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The end and aim of spying in all its five varieties is knowledge of the enemy; and this knowledge can only be derived, in the first instance, from the converted spy. Hence it is essential that the converted spy be treated with the utmost liberality.
It is owing to his information, again, that we can cause the doomed spy to carry false tidings to the enemy.
We arrived just at the conclusion of the trial of a spy. Sentence of death had been passed, and he was being led away.
Diomed looked sternly at him and answered, "Think not, Dolon, for all the good information you have given us, that you shall escape now you are in our hands, for if we ransom you or let you go, you will come some second time to the ships of the Achaeans either as a spy or as an open enemy, but if I kill you and an end of you, you will give no more trouble."
Hard by the ships we took a thirteenth man--a scout whom Hector and the other Trojans had sent as a spy upon our ships."
And gathering that data could involve the traditional "Spy vs.
Panelo said the President told him that considering current technologies, 'even if they are far away from China if they want to spy on us, they can.'
Last month, a former employee of the Iranian Defense Ministry's Aerospace Industries Organization was executed for carrying out espionage operations for the White House and the US spy agency (CIA).
She shared a collage of her alongside a picture of the real Noor Inayat Khan, a spy during the World War II.
"Bureau of Spies" also reveals the important roles played by journalists in the Cuban missile crisis, and presents information about a spy involved in the Watergate break-in who had earlier spied on Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater for then-President Lyndon Johnson.
We can achieve that outcome.' Pompeo was a spy chief until recently, he should know what the truth is.
Durrani, who served as the chief of Pakistan's premier intelligence agency from August 1990 till March 1992, co-authored a book with former Indian spy chief AS Dulat, titled 'The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace'.