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Sport a number of players from which a team is to be selected



a military unit of from six to 12 persons.

Squads are found in the armed forces of most countries. They are a constituent part of a platoon, including motorized rifle (infantry), reconnaissance, combat engineer, and signal platoons. A squad is usually commanded by a sergeant. In battle the squad ordinarily operates as part of a platoon, but sometimes it may also carry out independent missions (for example, in reconnaissance and for security on the march and in bivouac).

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Besides changing tires, the squad car crew changes light bulbs, tops off fluids, shuttles cars back and forth for servicing, disinfects interiors and washes exteriors.
CRUNCH: The squad car was impaled on the bollard, inset, above Pictures: JASON ROBERTS
Barrister Dan Edwards, for the police, argued the squad car was on a straight road, the lights were in its favour and, even had it only been going at 30mph, the collision would still have been inevitable.
The boy did not have a gun, never issued any tickets and did not drive the squad car, deputy superintendent Daniel Dugan said.
Police caught up with him on the Athens-Lamia highway outside the capital but he managed to elude them and steal a squad car with the keys left inside.
The senior officer who got out of the squad car to capture the men in the vehicle narrowly avoided being run over, the police said.
As he cruises streets in the Harrison Police District on the West Side, many eyes turn to his squad car. He waves to children, who are just getting out of school, and most wave back.
"They're the best of both worlds, with the mobility of a squad car but the personal contact with citizens of a foot patrol."
They're standing, "these seven faces of Deep South apartheid," around the hood of a squad car, and the handsome one in the middle--head of the state sheriffs' association, cigarette between his grinning teeth--is taking a practice swing with a billy club to the amusement and grim appreciation of his colleagues.
Colorado has figured out how to get rid of those 400 to 600 used state vehicles--like a state patrol squad car that once chased speeders, a van that ferried inmates between prisons and an SUV that whisked the governor off to meet the president.
When Officer Lopez comes to, Dell has fled the squad car. Lopez tries to find Dell, but ends up trying to insinuating himself into Dell's family and replace him.