squatting closet

Asiatic water closet

A water closet which has its bowl nearly flush with the floor so that the user adopts a squatting position; widely used in some parts of Asia.
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Sanitary ceramics include sitting closet and squatting closets, washbasins, urinals soap place, etc.
Its products include sitting and squatting closets, washbasins, urinals, institutional bowls and accessories for exports to countries like Spain, Italy, Australia and Malaysia.
The products of sanitary ceramic exported to those countries include the products of Americans Standard including closets both sitting and squatting closets, washbasin, urinals and institutional bowls and accessories.
Squatting closets illegally imported from China are estimated to reach 500,000 units sold at Rp300,000 per unit--a potential loss of Rp30 billion to the domestic producer in sales.