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["Squeak: A Language for Communicating with Mice", L. Cardelli et al, Comp Graphics 19(3):199-204, July 1985].

See Newsqueak.

2. A Smalltalk implementation and a media authoring tool by members of the original Xerox PARC team which created Smalltalk (Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, et al). Squeak is an open-source implementation, with a highly portable virtual machine implemented in a subset of Smalltalk (translated into C and compiled by a C compiler of the target platform).

Squeak Home.



An open source, full-featured implementation of the Smalltalk programming language that is widely used in multimedia applications and educational teaching projects. Squeak is object-oriented and reflective, and it includes class libraries and virtual machine plug-ins for numerous multimedia programs. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative utilizes Squeak in its Etoys application for learning science and math. For more information, visit www.squeak.org. See Smalltalk and OLPC.
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Ultra Squeaker Ball: The squeaker was removed and the ball chewed up within an hour.
7 Pop the squeaker through the hole, then continue stuffing the middle section, making sure there is stuffing all around the squeaker.
Squeaker had been looking at the new houses and told us his Mom would be having one of them.
It was a case of Speaker versus Squeaker as Twitter users were regaled with his efforts to catch a mouse found roaming his plush official residence.
Manama have played and won three contests, most recently an 86-83 squeaker against Al Hala.
Tug-o-war Braid with Squeaker and Recycled Tennis Ball by Woof Purr Creations ($7.
Owen's description of Navy's 46-44 triple overtime squeaker over Notre Dame in "the eighty-first meeting between the two schools" also contains a side-splitting story about one coach snuffing out another's candles at the Notre Dame Chapel of the Grotto in an attempt to get an additional game-winning edge.
SQUEAKER is a male guinea pig aged around six-eight months.
It seems there's nothing more annoying than a grating accent or a high-pitched squeaker," the Daily Star quoted the firm's voice expert Tony Robinson as saying.
Those were squeaker toys for children under 3 years.
The more photogenic Kennedy wins the election in a squeaker.
In Virginia, 55 percent of women voted for Jim Webb (compared to just 45 percent of men), while in Montana, the other Senate squeaker, 52 percent of women supported Jon Tester, compared to 48 percent of men.