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For those who are interested, the Bi-annual World Federation Weasel Squeezing Championships will take place in October 2004 at Turtle Creek, Idaho, USA.
With the new Dip & Squeeze Ketchup Craze Mobile Game now available for free on iTunes, dipping and squeezing skills can be tested in ten different games - from dipping nuggets to squeezing ketchup onto a burger.
35 The Nicholson court distinguished the Lovell and Viera cases from the officer's squeezing of the bag located under the bus in Nicholson.
And the movement is squeezing on the area in between, suggesting to scientists that a new mountain range south of the San Gabriels may be in the making.
Perhaps most surprising, d rops that Thornton had been squeezing would sometimes continue to flatten after she had released them.
There are four principle methods of applying compaction force--jolting, squeezing, dynamic pre-compaction and dynamic compaction.
And like Grey Poupon, it comes in both a jar and a squeeze bottle, which I prefer for ease in adding to dressings or sauces or squeezing onto sandwiches.
By applying an external magnetic field, they can squeeze an artificial atom; this squeezing makes it easier to distinguish betWeen effects caused by electron repulsion and those attributed to electron motion.