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(operating system)


(Secure SHell) A security protocol for logging into a remote server. SSH provides an encrypted session for transferring files and executing server programs. Also serving as a secure client/server connection for applications such as database access and email, SSH supports a variety of authentication methods. See headless system.

SSH was developed in the mid-1990s by Helsinki University researcher Tatu Ylönen as a secure alternative to non-secure telnet, rlogin and rsh programs for Unix servers. SSH-2, a more advanced version introduced in 1998, was standardized by the IETF and is not compatible with SSH-1.

Secure File Transfer: SCP and SFTP
Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is a version of the Unix remote copy (rcp) command that is widely supported on Unix systems running SSH-1. The SSH File Transfer Program (SFTP) was developed by the IETF for transferring files with SSH-2.

All Platforms - Free and Paid
SSH is widely used on all platforms, and software is available as open source from the OpenSSH group ( and numerous commercial vendors, including SSH Communications Security Corporation (, the company founded by Ylönen. See FTPS.
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SSH added that the criteria for the funding are very tight and less than 5% of phase 2 applicants are awarded.
Rajiv Singh, Global Head of Cybersecurity, Tech Mahindra, said, "We are pleased to be partnering with SSH.COM to accomplish our shared vision of assisting our customers with future ready solutions to secure their digital assets and providing them with 24x7 global managed services.
SSH is grateful for the client's trust and confidence in our ability to deliver a project of this stature and we look forward to maintaining a strong business relationship with them in the future," said Khalil Alonaizi, Resident director -- Kuwait, at SSH.
Session recording and playback: Users can now record and play back user SSH and RDP sessions direct from the PrivX admin interface.
SSH.COM works with global and regional cloud service providers (CSPs) and IDaaS vendors to widen the reach of PrivX and the agreement with Fujitsu is a part of this initiative.
Like Package Two, which was officially accredited with Leed Gold certification from the Green Building Council in the US in 2017, Omran and SSH are also seeking Leed Gold accreditation for the convention centre phase of the scheme.
"We are very excited to have exhibited at AHIC KSA for the first time," said Danny Warde, regional director - KSA at SSH.
* Eighty-five percent do not have a complete and accurate inventory of all SSH keys.
SSH's services cover the initial 122-hectare site forming the first phase of what will ultimately be a 235-hectare project, said a statement from the company.
The product includes secure shell (SSH), secure file transfer (SFTP) and secure copy (SCP) servers and clients.
SSH has expanded its global presence with offices in Tokyo and Singapore as a result of recognizing the importance of Asian markets in the global IT security market.
SSH's Resident Director for Kuwait and Senior Partner, Mr.