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The stability chart of the Mathieu equation is well known [13-15], and the region near [delta] = 0 in the [epsilon] - [delta] parametric plane is shown in Figure 5.
From the stability chart in Figure 5, if [delta] < 0, there still exists periodic solutions with period of 4[pi] in Equation (6).
Figure 14 illustrates the processing stability chart obtained for modified PLA with 0 wt%, 0.25 wt%, and 0.5 wt% Joncryl content.
Stability charts for the film blowing of neat and modified PLA were thus established at different processing conditions.
TriCal 30 Series (CA 32 in the stability chart pictured) is best suited to use with reverse-ester methyltin stabilizers, and TriCal 40 Series (CA 42 in the chart) is recommended with thioglycolate methyltins.
[22] used a full-discretization method to gain stability chart efficiently.
It shows that the stability charts computed by the proposed method also agree well with the reference stability lobe diagrams for low radial immersions conditions.
Looking in turn at fundamentals of slope stability and methods of stability analysis, he covers mechanics of slides, shear strength phreatic surfaces, remedial measures for correcting slides, simplified methods for plane surface failure surfaces, stability charts and other solutions, method of slices, methods for three-dimensional analysis, and reliability.
Weather watchers talk about stability charts and lifted indices, but we can see the result of this specialized knowledge in the plain-language convective outlook.
It features an extend system which incorporates a two-mode telescope proportioning system known as A-max and a standard for optimum strength and stability charts.
The 44 papers themselves consider such topics as the discrete element modeling of aggregate behavior in fouled railroad ballast, logging for diametric variation of stone columns using crosshole seismic tests, the nonlinear response of passively loaded piles founded in soft Bangkok clay, failure mechanisms and corresponding stability charts of homogeneous rock slopes, and mechanic characteristics of waterproof membrane for highway tunnels.
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