stachys officinalis

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purple betony

purple betony

Not to be confused with true Wood Betony. Narrow leaves at base of tall 2ft stick-like stems with cluster of purple flowers on top. Astringent. Slightly bitter (good for digestion) Flowers, leaves and stem used to make tea for anxiety, migraines, gallstones, heartburn, high blood pressure, headache, neuralgia. Strong antioxidant.
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Crosnes bloom with attractive, purple, spiky flowers that look similar to bishop's wort |(Stachys officinalis) blossoms--not surprising, as the two are botanically related.
Often listed as Stachys officinalis, it also appears in print as Stachys monieri.
Fe'i cyhoeddwyd dan y teitl Meddygon Myddfai tua 1856, ac rydw i'n ddibynnol ar y testun hwn am wybodaeth o'r hyn sydd yn y llawysgrifau, ond dyma i chi ychydig o'r planhigion roedden nhw'n eu defnyddio: Un o'r planhigion y cyfeirir atyn nhw gan y Meddygon ydi Cribau San Ffraid (Stachys officinalis; Betony) neu Cribau San Ffred fel roedden nhw'n cyfeirio ato.