stag beetle

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stag beetle

any lamellicorn beetle of the family Lucanidae, the males of which have large branched mandibles

Stag Beetle


(Lucanus cervus), an insect of the family Lucanidae; one of the largest beetles of the fauna of the USSR. The male is up to 7 cm long (without the upper jaws); the head is very large, with protruding ridges and enormous mandibles that resemble the horns of a deer (hence the name). The mandibles are used in combat against other males during the mating season. The body is black, and the elytra are cinnamon brown to chestnut brown.

The stag beetle is distributed in broad-leaved forests; in the USSR it is found in the east as far as the southwestern Urals. The beetle feeds on sap that flows out of trees (mainly from oak); the larva lives in rotting wood. Development of the larva takes four to six years. The stag beetle is not a pest and is subject to conservation.

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Using other methods of trapping insects, such as light traps or traps baited with food, do not work with adult stag beetles because they are not reliably attracted to light and the species does not eat during the adult phase of its life cycle.
Although they look fierce they are actually harmless to humans - they use their big jaws to show-off to females and for fighting other stag beetles.
And more than won has landed in trouble because collecting wild insects, including stag beetles, without permits carries a fine of
SCIENTISTS involved in a conservation project have been bugging the homes of stag beetle larvae.
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The Japanese children's pastime of catching stag beetles during the sultry summer months appears to be turning into outright ''beetlemania'' given the reported surge in overseas poaching of the six-legged black diamonds for sale in Japan.
The arrest of two Japanese men on charges of trying to smuggle 271 pair of stag beetles to Japan 10 days ago has revealed a flourishing illegal trade in the indigenous Nepalese species, various reports showed Tuesday.
So, when two stag beetles fight, they duke it out like antagonists in a Hollywood action film.
She has a passion for nature, which is why stag beetles march across reclaimed chintz tea plates and tired old chairs are revitalised with vibrant blooms and butterflies flit in a flash of colour over delicate old glasses.
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Stag beetles are classed as endangered species across Europe and their habitats must be protected under EC law.