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The face conveyor, stage loader and coal breaker packages are dominated by DBT with six of the above mines using its systems, while Moranbah North, Kenmare and Ulan opted for Joy packages.
So, over a 12 month period, the Meco mobile stage loader (with breaker) allowed six meters per day additional drivage - in its 3.2 m seam - or 1,195 m (plus 29,833 mt rawcoal) more in total from the norm of 5,447 m/yr of development - and some 226 m/yr of extra panel length.
The beam stage loader includes a SKI 14 crusher with 400-kW installed power.
That is, if the system bottleneck is the panel belt then the stage loader must be able to slow the AFC to match this constriction.
The 171 m long stage loader is a heavy-duty, rigid belt structure made of 4.1 m long pan sections.
Using Cat longwall roof supports, AFC and stage loader, the Kuzbass region mine has repeatedly set Russian longwall production records.
Whitehaven Coal's Narrabri North mine set new production records last year and subsequently ordered a second Cat EL3000 longwall shearer and a second Cat BSLPF6 stage loader for delivery in August this year.
Also, the complete longwall can easily adjust to the capacities of the subsequent coal clearance components such as the crusher, stage loader and belt conveyor.
The single set of support in the headgate is connected to the gate end shields at both sides of the stage loader. So its advance is concurrent with the stage loader.
Under the agreement, Famur will provide 150 shields, an armored face conveyor, beam stage loader and a crusher.
More than 700 powered roof supports supplied by the Famur as well as armoured face conveyors (AFCs), beam stage loaders and PIOMA rail transportation systems are currently being operated in Kazakhstan.