stage screw

stage peg, stage screw

A coarse-threaded hand screw, inserted into the stage floor of a theater, to secure a brace for scenery.
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Double-thread stage screw eyes, malleable iron, box of 12.
For example, in his initial 1886 catalog an item known as "Stage Screw Eye: Double Thread" was, by 1916, referred to as "Malleable-Iron Stage Screw (Double Thread)." Despite the minor change in description, all items in Clancy's catalogs also featured telegraph names, so that customers might be able to order them more efficiently.
In its first 35 years of existence, Clancy only adjusted the price for its basic double-thread stage screw eyes three times, and each of those adjustments can be traced to a specific market force.
The existing engine room has 17 booster and high stage screw and reciprocating compressors in its engine room to provide the basis for the refrigeration of the dairy processes.
Because of a vista scene changes, foot irons and stage screws were not practical.
The engine room will be controlled by Hench's Omni controller, which will control the two boosters, the five high stage screws and the four condensers.
The engine room is controlled by the Hench Omni controller: two booster screws and two high stage screws. The two condensers are also controlled by the Omni, as are the ammonia pumps and vessel levels.
One of the two stage screws has constant transition in both stages.