stage wagon

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scenery wagon

(Brit.) boat dock A low platform on casters or rollers, used to support scenery on the stage of a theater; permits rapid changes of scenery.
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Tender open tender for the delivery and assembly of a self-propelled stage wagon system by means of two stage wagon modules with electromotive mecanum drive for the ulm theater of the city of ulm to vol / a 7:02:18
Opera House (OH) : 560 m2 main stage; 1247m2 side stages : Stage platforms 5 pieces, one piece : tilt with place settings, 5 pieces, and trap doors, 35 pieces : Nachfahrpodien, 5 pieces : Side Stage trolley, 2 piece and rear stage wagon, 1 piece, can be coupled with backstage car, 2 piece and a built in turntable with rotating ring, diameter 15.
Backdrops are shown as curved screens which could be used in the concave or convex positions, and there were also stage wagons on a paternoster system set not perpendicular to the stage but on an oblique axis.