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Mortimer noted her sparkling glances which took in everything, and went out of her way to show Saxon around, doing it under the guise of gleeful boastings, stating the costs of the different materials, explaining how she had done things with her own hands, such as staining the doors, weathering the bookcases, and putting together the big Mission Morris chair.
And so it ends in your spoiling canvas with paints, and making a smell in the house; or in keeping tadpoles in a glass box full of dirty water, and turning everybody's stomach in the house; or in chipping off bits of stone here, there, and everywhere, and dropping grit into all the victuals in the house; or in staining your fingers in the pursuit of photography, and doing justice without mercy on everybody's face in the house.
I found him by his blood staining the water; and by the help of a rope, which I slung round him, and gave the negroes to haul, they dragged him on shore, and found that it was a most curious leopard, spotted, and fine to an admirable degree; and the negroes held up their hands with admiration, to think what it was I had killed him with.
Did I see her fall upon the ground; and, when I stooped to raise her, did she thrust me back with a force that cast me off as if I had been a child, staining the hand with which she clasped my wrist?
In addition, staining provides options for a vast array of aesthetically pleasing looks for new concrete and an attractive way to revitalize existing spaces.
These products provide a solution to staining caused by lipstick, makeup, pen ink, and sweat stains.
The Hematek 3000 System from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics provides semi-automated slide staining to laboratories.
Dako, an Agilent Technologies company and worldwide provider of cancer diagnostics, has announced positive findings in a white paper on its new, groundbreaking Dynamic Gap IHC staining technology.
Ventana), a member of the Roche Group, today announced the global launch of the VENTANA Gram Staining Kit[sup.
8) P504S is overexpressed in most prostatic carcinomas and in highgrade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia with cytoplasmic immunoreactivity and is not usually expressed in benign prostatic glands, small glandular proliferations, and atrophy, or, if expressed, it shows only focal or weak staining.
We conclude that large departures from the recommended MC for staining (6% to 8%) can significantly alter the color of hardwood veneer panels stained with solvent-borne stain.
Water-based wood stains tend to raise the grain of the wood, so you'll need to sand the wood after staining it if you want a smooth finish.