stair carriage

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carriage, 1
1. An inclined beam which supports the steps or adds support between the strings of a wooden staircase, usually between the wall and outer string. Also called a carriage piece, horse, roughstring.
2. In theater stage equipment, a counterweight arbor.
3. A movable frame on which some other movable part or object is supported.
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Review the section of Chapter 4 related to stair calculations before constructing stair carriages. If construction drawings exist for a project, use the dimensions provided.
2x10 x 12' treated wood (joists and blocking) 26 2x10 x 14' treated wood (side rim joists) 2 2x10 x 10' treated wood (inner rim joists) 6 2x10 x 16' treated wood (outer rims and ledger) 4 2x12 x 12' treated wood (stair carriages)
Stair carriages. Stair carriages are the notched, dimensioned lumber that supports the stairs.