stair rise

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1. The height of a flight of stairs from landing to landing.
2. The height between successive treads of a stair.
3. The vertical distance such as that used to express the height of a roof slope compared to horizontal distance or run, or the vertical measurement from the face of one stair tread to the next.
4. In an arch, the vertical distance from the springing line to the highest point of the intrados.
5. Of elevators, same as travel.
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The main stair rises from the entrance hall entered from a porch carved out under the bulging bay on the garden side.
An exterior front stair rises to an upstairs private apartment suite configured for guests, boomerang children, or live-in help.
A new enclosed stair rises from the house to pool level, which because of the slope of site is some 2m above living rooms of the house -- in fact at first floor level of the old stables.