stair stringer

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string, 1
1. In a stair, an inclined board which supports the end of the steps; also called a stringer.
2. In a lattice roof truss, a horizontal tie.
3. A stringcourse. Also called stringer, stringboard, or face string. For specific types, see closed string, face string, finish string, open string, outer string, rough string, stair string.
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This exercise provided additional evidence that the Rimboard stair stringer systems had sufficient strength to handle extreme loading conditions.
The 5/4 (nominal) decking we used (Trex Brasilia; called for a maximum spacing between stair stringers of 9 in.
Rather than notch 2x12s to make traditional stair stringers, we chose to build and stack platforms.
My favorite technique is to bolt it to the stair stringers (the frame).
These stairs call for 2xl0 treated material for the rot-resistant notched stair stringers (also known as jacks or carriages, Photo 1) that won't be seen.
Cutting the "dinosaur scales" into stair stringers can effectively reduce the continuous solid part of a 2x10 or 2x12 to that of a mere 2x4.
3 A JIGSAW can precisely complete cuts begun with a circular saw in stair stringers, wood flooring and sheet materials.