stair tread

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The horizontal surface of a step; often has a rounded edge that extends beyond the upright face of the riser below it.
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These instructions are prepared for stair treads that are approximately 12 inches in depth.
For each step, two evenly spaced nails were used to attach the stair tread to each stringer.
Stair tread design is stair tread design, regardless of occupancy," he says.
Your saw can't reach into the corner where the stair tread and riser meet.
These days, carpenters nail 2x4s to the sides of the stringers (the notched 2x12s that the stair treads and risers are nailed to), which in turn are toe-nailed to the studs of the stairwell.
Both stair tread offerings feature a 2[inches] square hinged nose to conform to ADA-recommended angular stair pan configurations.
LP particleboard is widely used as core stock for cabinets, countertops, furniture, doors, millwork, moulding, displays and fixtures, as well as unfinished and pre-finished shelving and stair tread.
Tenders are invited for Multi-year flooring installation of quartz tile, stair tread and cove base.
Tenders are invited for removing existing exterior plaza paving assembly including brick pavers, setting bed; removing reinforced concrete slab, gravel; removing stair treads, removing planter retaining walls; removing existing light fixtures and associated electrical removals, removing site drains and associated plumbing line, protecting existing subgrade, excavating for new footings, repair existing waterproofing, furnish new pavers set in asphalt setting bed, provide new precast stair treads, provide new concrete architectural planter retaining walls, provide new area drains and associated plumbing work, provide new light fixtures and associated electrical work, provide landscaping and lanscape furniture.
But this little drill guide is ideal for on-site tasks like drilling perfectly straight holes in stair treads for balusters, drilling into pipe or dowels, and controlling the uniform depth for a series of holes for railings.
Clever diochrome lights in stair treads, kitchen kickboards and pelmets make a room look cosier.
The FGI-AM[R] food-grade isophthalic Polyester Resin System offers antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of composite gratings, floor plate and stair treads used for flooring, walkways and platforms throughout food and beverage facilities.