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an uncastrated male horse, esp one used for breeding
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a sexually mature male horse kept for breeding. A stallion is usually larger than a mare and has longer limbs, a shorter body, a better developed skeleton, a larger head, and greater weight. In work it is stronger and has greater stamina than a mare. A distinction is made between studhorses and nonbreeding stallions used for work, sport, and other purposes. At most stud farms the stallion is first bred at three years of age. In choosing a stallion for breeding purposes, its parents, build (exterior and constitution), work capacity (from the results of tests), sexual potency, and fertility are taken into account. Its breeding merits are judged from the quality of its offspring. The most valuable studhorses are mated with the best mares. Up to 500 mares can be artificially inseminated in a season with sperm from a single stallion. If properly used, fed well, and maintained properly, stallions retain high potency until 16–18 years of age. The feed ration of stallions is increased two months prior to the mating season; the horses are fed in such a way as to keep them in stud condition without gaining excess weight. A studhorse needs regular exercise and light work in harness or under a saddle.

Stallions that are not fit for breeding are castrated (such animals are called geldings).


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What does it mean when you dream about a stallion?

This animal represents the embodied power of strength, courage and of independence. To be riding this magnificent animal suggests the dreamer may have attained these virtues.

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(vertebrate zoology)
A mature male equine mammal.
A male horse not castrated.
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