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see stutteringstuttering
or stammering,
speech disorder marked by hesitation and inability to enunciate consonants without spasmodic repetition. Known technically as dysphemia, it has sometimes been attributed to an underlying personality disorder.
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Taking your time and saying what you want to say can help you reduce your stammering.
Colin, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of stammering King George VI, said: "The film taught me the cruelty of having a stammer and also the life-changing benefits therapy can bring.
Before I could only get out two or three words without stammering.
Reading aloud in unison with another child may reduce stammering.
Despite the attention brought by the award-winning movie The King's Speech, the speech disorder called stammering in the UK and stuttering in the US is still highly misunderstood.
It was Gareth who brought stammering into the spotlight and what he did on Pop Idol was so brave.
She decided to act by signing up for the McGuire programme, which looks at both the physical and psychological aspects of stammering, focussing on deep breathing.