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see stutteringstuttering
or stammering,
speech disorder marked by hesitation and inability to enunciate consonants without spasmodic repetition. Known technically as dysphemia, it has sometimes been attributed to an underlying personality disorder.
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About one per cent of the adult population stammers according to the British Stammering Association.
"The physical aspects of stammering are just the tip of an icebergs there is a lot of physiological baggage involved, such as feelings of frustration, self hate and isolation."
He said it was "hugely important" to him to be able to talk about the problems he faced, adding: "I wanted to make sure people, especially young people, understand what stammering is about.
On the other hand, I could not get pageant shows because my stammering was mistakenly assumed to be lack of confidence.
Martin, who started stammering aged around three, said he grew up in a family that never talked about his condition.
"We're hoping the City Lit workshop will help reach people who've let their fear of stammering control their lives."
This should also allow you to manage the stammering.
Back in 2010, the Indian Stammering Association had sued the makers of Golmaal 3 for mocking people who stammer.
Stammering can be hereditary, or it can be brought on by one of any number of triggers; an accident, shock, even the fright of a loud dog barking if it catches you by surprise.
STAMMERING mice with a squeak impediment have been created by scientists studying the affliction that beset King George VI.
THE King's Speech star Colin Firth is fronting an appeal to raise PS1.5million to help stammering children.