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see stutteringstuttering
or stammering,
speech disorder marked by hesitation and inability to enunciate consonants without spasmodic repetition. Known technically as dysphemia, it has sometimes been attributed to an underlying personality disorder.
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When Moss (Simon Holland-Roberts in red-hot, red-haired furious form) and Aaronow (Wayne Cater: stammeringly apologetic and nervous) hatch a plot to screw up the system, chaos ensues.
There are kindly critics who think that loyalty to Hawthorne's name and fame constrains them to regard this work an unfinished torso, and who speak stammeringly of the benefits of watching the artist in his workshop; but in our view it is simply the used-up clay which, tossed aside by him as worthless, has been raked up from the floor of the studio and crammed into the rag-picker's basket.
The fair widow, taken aback, answered stammeringly, `No', she `thought not'.