standard cell

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standard cell

[′stan·dərd ′sel]
A primary cell whose voltage is accurately known and remains sufficiently constant for instrument calibration purposes; the Weston standard cell has a voltage of 1.018636 volts at 20°C.
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Standard Cell


a galvanic cell with a stable electromotive force (EMF) that is highly reproducible from cell to cell.

Standard cells can be saturated or unsaturated, depending on the concentration of the electrolyte within the cell. Saturated Weston standard reference cells are the most stable and reproducible. A Weston standard cell has Hg as the positive electrode and a 10 percent Cd amalgam as its negative electrode. The electrolyte is a saturated solution of CdSO4. Unsaturated Weston standard cells differ from saturated ones in that their electrolyte, which is an aqueous solution of CdSO4, does not contain any crystals of 3CdSO4 · 8H2O at temperatures above 4°C. At 20°C, the EMF of a saturated Weston standard cell ranges from 1.01850 to 1.01870 volts (V), within an accuracy of up to 10-5 V; for unsaturated standard cells this range is from 1.0186 to 1.0194 V, within an accuracy of up to 10-4 V. The actual EMF of a saturated standard cell at temperatures other than 20°C can be determined using the formula

Et = E20 – 0.00004 (t – 20) – 0.000001 (t – 20)2

where E20 is the EMF of the standard cell at 20°C. For unsaturated standard cells the change of EMF with temperature is usually ignored.

A Clark standard cell has the same positive electrode as a Weston standard cell, but its negative electrode consists of a 10 percent zinc amalgam, and its electrolyte is a saturated solution of ZnSO4 with an excess of ZnSO4 · 7H2O crystals. The EMF of a Clark cell is 1.432 volts from 0° to 30°C. In the USSR, the Clark standard cell is rarely used.

Saturated standard cells are used as reference standards for precise measurements of EMF. They are sensitive to shaking and tilting. Unsaturated standard cells are used as reference sources of EMF in industry and in portable electrometric instruments. They are less sensitive to mechanical disturbances than saturated standard cells.


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standard cell

The most common ASIC development technology. Each standard cell vendor has its own library of circuits that range from primitive logic gates to small processor cores. Based on the customer's design, the required circuits are placed on the chip and connected using "place-and-route" software. Unlike gate arrays, which are partially fabricated chips with repetitive blocks of unconnected transistors, standard cell designs are created on blank wafers. They are more efficient and use less silicon real estate than gate arrays. See gate array and ASIC.
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As shown, there is a major difference in IQE at wavelengths of 300~ 600 nm between the film passivated cells and the standard cells, indicating an improvement in short-wavelength IQE by the poly-Si film with respect to the standard cells.
For our experiments we always select the X1 variation of the available standard cell. This is not the fastest option but achieves low area cost.
Screen printing continues to be the most widely implemented and cost-effective form of metallized paste deposition for standard cells and is also the key enabler for many of the standard extra technologies mentioned previously.
This increases the bill of materials, adds additional complexity to the design process and potentially extends development time - impacting on all of the reasons for originally choosing programmable logic over standard cell chips.
The new ZEN1010 cell, however, features an optical path of reduced length, which compensates for the issues of reduced light scattering detection experienced with standard cells when measuring high-concentration samples.
When implemented in hardware using a 0.13 micro-m CMOS standard cell library[13], "AURORA-256" achieves a smallest gate size of just 11.1K/2.2Gbps, making it highly suitable for use in mobile devices, and a maximum throughput of 35.0Kgates/10.4 Gbps, ideal for servers.
The study indicates a digital divide between people under 30 or over 30 who use standard cell phones, with the under-30 set experiencing problems much less frequently and resolving issues quickly by simply asking a friend how to do it.
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Topics include combating NBTI degradation via gate sizing, characterizing standard cell behavior at 90nm and below, speculative energy scheduling for LDPC decoding, and recursive function smoothing of half-perimeter wire length for analytical placement.
The paper said: "A potential solution in dealing with high-volume offending is to enable the police to make use of short-term holding facilities (STHF) located in shopping centres and town centres." The facilities would be secure but would not be the same as standard cell design, it added.
Later, the team produced a library of analogs of this class that proved to include a single compound, dubbed "pluripotin," that supports self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells and maintains their pluripotency alone with only the addition of standard cell culture basal medium.

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